DIY Quarantine long Bob haircut

This weekend, I decided to cut my hair off. I watched a few YouTube Videos about how to cut my hair at home and after a few I was ready. But i never really was prepared for that moment when i’m cutting through the “fat” section of my hair. Immediately i started thinking OMG what have i done? Ignoring that feeling of instant remorse, I continued to cut until they were both even as possible. Instantly, i loved my hair and I think that it was the best decision I have made this weekend. Yes, it’s the mini-goals that count so much to me right now.

the final result proved to me why i don’t need to keep paying $60 for a haircut when i can just do it at home. It may not be even, but who’s walking around my head with a measuring stick? Nobody. That’s who.

So, if you are on the fence with taking the scissors to your locks, I say go for it. Hair will always grow, right? Blame it on the COVID-19 shelter in place stay at home order of 2020!

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