A New Writing Studio

Taking on a creative outlet has made me realize that the living room sofa isn't my favorite place to write. The place I like to be myself and feel comfortable is my dressing room upstairs. It's a third bedroom that I converted to a dressing room. I originally wanted to put a gold star on the door and create a classic Hollywood dressing room complete with a light-bulb framed mirror and feather boa hanging from the coat rack. I'm not just kidding, it's completely true, and I just deleted that Amazon wish list last year.

When we bought the house five years ago, the walls were covered in world map wallpaper. I love maps of the world and was fascinated. But there was also boarder of maps, and it was just a mappy mess. The problem with wallpaper or boarders of something as beautiful as maps is, they repeat and repeat. The world is a fascinating place, and there are so many maps that could cover an entire room. I'm sure it would look much worse than the mess on the walls I faced that day years ago. After weeks of soaking and scraping that old wallpaper off and a fresh coat of very light grey paint, I was happy to decorate with a clean slate.

My room was put together by a collection of things I could afford at the time. My desk is from when I returned to college for my bachelor's degree. The chair is from a local auction website for under $20, as well as the shoe rack I got for $7. I used a 40% off coupon to purchase the wall mirror from Bed Bath and Beyond that was on sale already. The wardrobe rack, cube shelf, and the closet system are from Wal-mart. Nothing fancy, but I was able to make it my style on a small budget.

With the depression I have been living with, my room is a mess, to say the least. Embarrassing is the word that came to mind this morning when I took pictures. I didn't take a moment to tidy because I wanted to be authentic. Better Homes and Gardens would think that I am their worst nightmare, and I doubt I will see an invitation for them to photo feature my fancy home in their magazine from them any time in my future. Ever. And that's fine. I understand.

I have a lot of work to do

This is the start of my project, and it's just the beginning. I don't have a plan or timeline, but I plan to take it easy on myself through the process. Those updates will come in time, but please leave a comment and share your story if you have been through something similar. Are you thinking about taking on a project in your home for yourself? Did you go through this before, and if so, are you happy you did it? Any regrets?

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