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Why Bluebird? 

When I was a little girl, my dear Great Aunt Marge was a sweet lady whom I adored. My father would drive the family 104 miles from our home outside of Freeport Ohio to visit Aunt Marge in Columbus from time to time in my childhood. Aunt Marge had the coolest little knick knacks and they were all carefully placed on shelves around her home. I was only 14 when she passed away and she handed some things down to me. One that I recall is a little blue glass bird. I kept that bluebird and cherished it for years.

If that isn’t enough reason for Bluebird, songs on my playlist include:

Tom Petty Learning to Fly
Christina Perri Bluebird
Pink Floyd Learning to Fly
Miranda Lambert Bluebird
Lenny Kravitz Fly Away
Martina McBride Broken Wing
Nikki Minaj Fly
Dolly Parton She’s an Eagle
Dolly Parton Little Sparrow
Lynard Skynard Free Bird

About Livie Bluebird

A survivor of life in general. Struggling with clinical depression and a past that continues to chase me down. I am overcoming child torture, manipulation, brainwashing, molestation, rape and relationship abuse. I want to discover my inner strength and help fight for the girls who can’t fight for themselves.

I am a devoted wife, sister, daughter and friend. My nickname for my depressed state is Livie Bluebird. The psychology and cognitive therapy part of my healing is called Project Bluebird. Someday, this girl is gonna fly!


Ohio USA

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