Livie Bluebird

Livie Bluebird
Livie Bluebird

Living shattered with depression while trying to appear like a “normal happy” person. Stories of thoughts, healing, helpful routines and tools that I find oh so helpful.

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What TMS Treatment for Depression is Like

TMS is Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) – a noninvasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression. TMS is typically used when other depression treatments haven’t been effective. You can look into more about this treatment and what it does on the Mayo Clinic Website.    […]

Video Diary #109

Difficult Times Have Bad Timing

Finding your passion for tapping into a creative outlet is easier said than done.  Mix that with depression and there is almost a manic cocktail of emotions in each new project idea that cultivates. For me, it has been a rollercoaster of ups and down’s taking one thing on and then seeing that enthusiasm slowly […]

Real Depression. Unfiltered Video Diary #108

No words can be said to explain this depression and how it has overtaken me this weekend. It’s still here, making me dizzy and nauseated with everything I do. I want to sleep but I have things to do today. Loved ones to see that I love more than this crippling sickness I feel every […]

Depression Cooking with Livie – Amish Noodles

Making dinner when you are depressed sucks. Today has been a good day, and I am happy to report such a positive one for a change. Chicken noodles with mashed potatoes as some easy comfort food is perfect and simple to make. Can 5-10 minutes in the kitchen result in a delicious meal? You bet. […]

A New Writing Studio

Taking on a creative outlet has made me realize that the living room sofa isn’t my favorite place to write. The place I like to be myself and feel comfortable is my dressing room upstairs. It’s a third bedroom that I converted to a dressing room. I originally wanted to put a gold star on […]

Depression Cooking With Livie – Blue Apron

When you are depressed, sometimes getting yourself to even eat is a chore. Nothing sounds good and on top of that, I just want to sink into my own misery and the only way to do that is to feel as empty inside my stomach as I do inside my soul.   Days like today, […]

DIY Quarantine long Bob haircut

This weekend, I decided to cut my hair off. I watched a few YouTube Videos about how to cut my hair at home and after a few I was ready. But i never really was prepared for that moment when i’m cutting through the “fat” section of my hair. Immediately i started thinking OMG what […]

Easter Sunday without family amid COVID-19

A traditional Easter Sunday usually comes with it’s fair share of family disappointments, hurt feelings and tons of emotional manipulation. This year, a pandemic swept the world shutting down traditions, normal ways of life in general and no family gatherings. We send text or email wishes to family and perhaps a phone call to a […]


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