Livie Bluebird

Livie Bluebird
Livie Bluebird

Living shattered with depression while trying to appear like a “normal happy” person. Stories of thoughts, healing, helpful routines and tools that I find oh so helpful.

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Video Diary #109

Difficult Times Have Bad Timing

Finding your passion for tapping into a creative outlet is easier said than done.  Mix that with depression and there is almost a manic cocktail of emotions in each new project idea that cultivates. For […]

Real Depression. Unfiltered Video Diary #108

No words can be said to explain this depression and how it has overtaken me this weekend. It’s still here, making me dizzy and nauseated with everything I do. I want to sleep but I […]

Depression Cooking with Livie – Amish Noodles

Making dinner when you are depressed sucks. Today has been a good day, and I am happy to report such a positive one for a change. Chicken noodles with mashed potatoes as some easy comfort […]

A New Writing Studio

Taking on a creative outlet has made me realize that the living room sofa isn’t my favorite place to write. The place I like to be myself and feel comfortable is my dressing room upstairs. […]

Depression Cooking With Livie – Blue Apron

When you are depressed, sometimes getting yourself to even eat is a chore. Nothing sounds good and on top of that, I just want to sink into my own misery and the only way to […]

DIY Quarantine long Bob haircut

This weekend, I decided to cut my hair off. I watched a few YouTube Videos about how to cut my hair at home and after a few I was ready. But i never really was […]

Easter Sunday without family amid COVID-19

A traditional Easter Sunday usually comes with it’s fair share of family disappointments, hurt feelings and tons of emotional manipulation. This year, a pandemic swept the world shutting down traditions, normal ways of life in […]

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

What’s in a song?

Perhaps we have all had a song that we felt like it was written for exactly how we feel or felt a the moment. Songs of happiness, upbeat workout song, love songs, nostalgic songs and […]


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