The Nest

If you are looking to navigate your way through depression, a good set of wings and direction is essential. A safe place to land is imperative so welcome to the nest. Here you’ll find some helpful tools that I found to maneuver through the maze of depression to a healthier way of living and recovery.

Living with depression, anxiety, and PTSD while trying to appear like a normal person has its challenges. I don’t wear my smile like a mask these days. Oh no, I wear my smile as a badge of honor. My captives may have won battles, but my smile says that they will not win the war.

We are all Warriors!

self care isn t selfish signage


Take care of yourself for goodness sake!

It’s hard to manage depression when you feel like you are walking in darkness with weights attached to your limbs. Here are some self-care tips and strategies I have tried that I can recommend to you through your journey.

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books and books on brown wooden table

PTSD Workbook

A book for all your emergency therapy needs

Working through case scenarios and understanding DBT and CBT therapy methods are crucial in recovering from depression. I started to put them all together into a workbook.

Visit my workbook page to see how.

notes on board

Vision Board

Keep your eyes focused on your objective

Seeing your goals and desires on one board is so incredibly helpful. Especially when all you see is darkness and pain.

Visit my vision board page to see how.


The biggest factor in our lives- relationships

I am no expert, but I read a lot about behaviors, connections, and the importance of relationships. When you have depression connections with others can be shaky at times. Let me share some things that I’ve learned. I’m still learning too!

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Cooking with Depression

Cooking & Recipes

It can be SO HARD to cook when you have depression. I love to find ways to achieve much with little effort.

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Learning to care for yourself by caring for others

I am learning to garden and there are similarities between PTSD and caring for these green foliage landscapes in my back yard. Tending to a conflict takes persistence, delicate care, and patience.

The same holds true with trauma survivors. Each positive step that is made towards recovery takes so much work even when every ounce of energy is drained from your being. It is a fragile process that can seem to take a lifetime.

I’ll share my stories of growth and gardening with you in my blog.

Essential Oils

Call me a Hippie Tree-Hugger. I don’t care 🙂

Essential oils changed my life back in 2011. From seasonal allergies to bug bites, this collection of unique oils have been my go-to for years.


What do you love to do?

My advice, do what you love all the time as a hobby or personal lifestyle. Find your passion for your career. I was on auto-pilot with my emotions when I went back to college. That is not recommended. So many mistakes but many lessons learned. I want to share them with you to help you find your light through the depression fog.


God’s reminder to us that he loves us unconditionally

I have three dogs. Sometimes I don’t think I’m the best dog mama because I type on this laptop while Ruby stares at me with a toy in her mouth eagerly waiting for me to finish my project. I should spend more time playing and less time taking life so seriously.

When you let a pet into your life, they find ways to break through the walls of depression when you are feeling your lowest.

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