Derma Care Roller

I just started to try this beauty tool today. This year the stress has made marks on my face with acne marks and stress lines. My self care step strategy includes trying the derma roller. I will check back and let you know how it goes!

Hair Care at Home - Keratin Treatment

This does amazing things for my hair and I won't lie, it's a long and stinky process. But after it's all done, your hair will be more manageable and can go days with little to no maintenance between washings.

Hair Care at Home - Sissors

Invest in a good pair of hair sissors. You will be thankful you did and those kitchen knife-style sissors can go back in the drawer with your cutlery.

Hair Care at Home - Color

If you haven't tried to color your hair at home before, give it a try. I got away from box color kits and started to experiment and learn more from various tutorials on YouTube. The results are almost as good as a trip to the salon. With COVID-19, many salons are limited or not available at all. Try learning more about using developer, toners, and color tubes. Find a friend to help if you don't feel comfortable with wrapping your own foils in your hair.

Hair Care at Home - Highlights

I use reynolds foil pieces to highlight my hair. Sometimes I don't use foil at all to make some highlights in my roots. It blends with the rest of my hair and people think I get them professionally done. Watch some youtube videos for tips and tricks.